The KONE Partner Ecosystem is a network of innovative solution providers with a common goal – to ensure smooth people flow and the best possible user experience in and in between buildings.

The ecosystem is growing all the time, bringing new smart-building solutions for everything from accessibility and parking to entertainment and security – all of which can be easily integrated with KONE People Flow solutions and KONE smart elevators.

Gaussian maps the facility and enabled the interaction between the robot and elevators through APIs, enabling seamless transition capabilities for the cleaning robots. The customers want robots to clean multiple levels seamlessly by navigating autonomously across different floors.

G Element enables situational awareness capability that allows building managers to monitor the situation of all sub-systems, elevators and people flow systems, in a unified, 3D view. The solution helps to solve the increasing challenges in their building by weaving complex building systems and modern technologies, such as IoT, into meaningful experiences.

Sine enables fully touchless visitor experience, including arrival and visitor registration as well as hands-free access through the turnstiles and automated elevator calls, improving the safety of office visitors, contractors and staff without jeopardizing the workplace security.

Smarten Spaces can map a safe and compliant entry or exit for every employee, tenant and visitor from elevator to building access. We need to maintain workplace safety and with smartphone, users enjoy a touchless journey in a building, with safe distancing measures in place for reassurance that the building is safe to return to.

Habitap helps to harness the technology behind Internet-of-Things (IoT) as Customer requires fully integrated smart living platform that seamlessly integrates three core functions – smart controls, smart community management, and smart lifestyle services to enhance experience for the building owner and users alike.

Blindness knows no barriers and neither does Blindsquare – the world’s leading guidance app for blind and visually impaired people. The app, which helps people navigate smoothly and safely – both indoors and in outdoor urban environments – is used in 160 countries and available in 25 different languages.